Saturday, June 21, 2008

Women: The Ultimate Bandwagon Fans

A bandwagon fan is a person who starts to root for a team that is doing well, simply because they are doing well. They generally have no emotional attachment to the team, and will drop that team for another if the first starts performing poorly.

Women might try to point out that some women know a lot about sports, even more than most men. This is entirely true. There are some women who stay so up-to-date with batting statistics, or a hockey player's +/- rating that they put male sports fans to shame. But these women are really just posers. They are wolves in sheep's clothing. They wish to be part of something that they never really can be.

Not to be one-sided, there are some males who try to become too involved in female matters. Men who know a little too much about Sex and the City, or which top goes with which bottom. We call these people homosexuals, and the majority of the male population do not consider them to be part of the whole.

Women become the epitome of bandwagon fans because they have no deep, sentimental ties to any professional sport, let alone a team. Because women are physically incapable of playing any professional sport at the same level as men, it is hard for them to coalesce true feelings for a sports team comprised of men. There is an unspoken bond between all men that allows us to rally behind a team; even if a male is not physically strong enough to play professional sports, the desire to become a sports star at some point resonated within him.

Since women are not allowed to play in men's sports leagues, they don't possess that innate passion to compete that all males do. Perhaps this is changing in today's modern society. Women are becoming more liberated. They are pursuing careers where 30 years ago it was unheard of to have a woman on the payroll.

But until a woman breaks into the professional sports world, they will forever be playing sports fan. Some women will say that women's professional sports leagues exist; but let's not kid ourselves. The WNBA is a pathetic attempt at giving women the chance to say women can compete professionally just as men do. If women truly want to prove that they are men's equals, then they need to compete in the same leagues and events as us. This dichotomy between men's sports and women's sports will forever create a barrier between true equality, which in turn will keep women on the outside of men's sports fandom.

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