Sunday, July 13, 2008

sHzpFK4 (or "Word Verification" to Those Who Speak an Actual Language)

I understand the necessity of word verification. It keeps the riff raff--also known as bots, which are also known as automated programs--from posting, logging into a secure site, or generally having fun that is only intended for us real humans. But since I'm not trying to send Superman's foe back to the 5th dimension, why don't they make it a little easier on us?

Last time I checked, mpSkrV was not a word... in any language. Given, I don't really know how to transliterate Swahilian clicks into defined graphemes, but I'm pretty sure even their human version of the Morse Code would have some sort of vowel sounds.

Sometimes they don't even make it easy for you. When I use my bank's online verification, they'll give me some regular word, but cleverly leave off the a crucial letter in the middle, like the i in "fulfilled". With that many tall letters, how am I supposed to notice one missing smack dab in the middle? And then the next word, because they really want to test me now for having screwed up the first "easy" one, is something like YSuA40hwrn. I can never tell which one is capital and which is lower case; and am I supposed to spell out "to the power of S"?

Don't even get me started on the numbers. (Interesting point: Have you ever noticed that if someone starts a sentence with "Don't get me started on..." they are probably going to tell you all their thoughts about said topic, despite you never actually getting them started on it?) Are they ones or are they els; or maybe capital ayes. And what's the deal with zeros? Either put a slash through them everytime so we know they aren't ohs or make them size 27 font. None of this "Well the zero is actually 3/4 of a pixel thinner than a capital 'oh', but it's the same width as a lowercase one" crap.

If they insist on not using real words in their "Word Verifications" because that would be too easy a system for the genius computers out there, then why don't they just call them what they really are: "A Waste of Your Time as You Try to Get That Last Bid on Hannah Montana Tickets".

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Douglas said...

This proves there is nothing original on the net. I wonder how many others have blogged on this subject?

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