Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Am I a Terrorist?

I saw a link while checking my gmail account that asked me that question (well, replacing "am" with "are" and "I" with "you"). Semantics aside, I naturally attempted to find out. Unfortunately the link didn't work as it should have. But I have reproduced it here for you:

Apparently our government counts terrorists as hundredths of a person, and it's alarming that the number is rising so fast. Although in reality, I'm not really that worried about fractions of people. Wait, who am I kidding, I am freaked out by fractions of people!

Maybe the government is on to something. I always thought something was strange about the family from "Little People, Big World". They're probably domestic terrorists!

While my name didn't make the terrorist watch list (according to the ACLU), many others did. They are all DANGEROUS AND SUSPECTED TERRORISTS! Avoid them at all costs. Especially that 6 year old.

Quick shout out to my (semi)faithful readers. My last post received a record high 4 comments! While some may scoff at a single digit number, I say thank you and I hope I keep you thoroughly entertained for a few minutes of your day.

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The Logisitician said...

Thanks much Aaron for posting a comment on my blog with respect to the Pablo Neruda poem, "You're the Result of Yourself." You essentially suggested that we are primarily products of our environment. This delves into the classic "nature" vs. "nuture" debate. While I agree that environment is clearly a factor, more and more research, particularly using cutting edge brain scan technology and now that we have mapped the human genome sequence, strongly suggests that nature may be an even stronger factor. Being aware of both factors should assist us in making better life choices. Thanks for participating in the discussion.