Saturday, October 25, 2008

**Spoiler Alert** Saw 5

Saw V sucks. That might not actually be a spoiler though. Seriously, how did they ever make it past a first one?

Well one answer is that idiots like myself go out on a Friday night and pay $8.00 to watch this (Francis Ford) Crappola. Another reason is that, if you can get past the gruesome deaths that are enacted in the movie--which can be incredibly hard to do--there are actually some really good plot twists in these movies. I'm talking original M. Night Shyamalan type plot twists.

Here's another spoiler. An inside source of mine says he reviewed a script that got okayed for Saw 8. That's three more years of excessively violent deaths.

I lied. I'm not actually going to spoil any particular part of the movie. I feel that people are often already predisposed towards a movie, book, or even person and my opinion is not going to change their mind any. I only hope to enlighten people enough to consider the possibility of changing one's mind.

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A Wanderer's Heart said...

you should definitely be sending your $8.00 to me instead of watching crap like that, my dear