Friday, October 31, 2008

Sports is the Answer

The annual match-up between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Florida Gators is tomorrow, and one Georgia county has made the necessary preparations.

It seems that over the years, twice as many teachers have called in sick the Friday before the annual game than on an average day. With the game held in Jacksonville, Florida, over 350 miles away from Clarke County, Georgia (where the UGA is), many teachers feel the need to call into work and make the drive down the day before the game. This story can be found here, on

It's nice to see that some people are finally starting to understand what's important in life. Some may view this action as placing too much emphasis on athletics, rather than academics. But it really just comes down to being responsible. If you have evidence from prior years that you might have a shortage of teachers, then it is prudent to make the necessary preparations for the same time this year.

There's already too much emphasis placed on work ethic in our society. That's why Sunday's come as such relief to the working population. People can relax, put their feet up, and watch football.

But it is just as important to take a break during the week occasionally. Even Sundays can lose their luster when it's "just something to look forward to". The monotony can be overwhelming and the days of rest short-lived when not broken up by a rare vacation.

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