Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Election Process

For the record, this is not out of anger at who won the Presidential election, or any other election for that matter. It is simply a new idea to encourage people to actually vote, and voices to be heard.

Here's an idea: every year there is a national election--meaning House representatives, senators, or presidents get elected--the number of representatives should be redrawn. The United States Constitution states that the number of representatives a state has be relative to the state's population, and the number of electors for the Electoral College be equal to the total of senators and representatives. This was incredibly noble and insightful of the founding fathers to give voice to all states equally but also reward the states with bigger populations.

Unfortunately, now that universal suffrage exists and everyone has the right to vote (or not), the novelty of voting is starting to wear off. Sure maybe someone can show me a statistic where there were "RECORD NUMBERS OF VOTERS" this year, but it is still far from 100% of eligible voters.

So what I propose is this the following. State representatives should not be directly tied to state population, but to voter turnout from the previous election. So states like California and New York, which are the two most populated states in the Union, need to have high voter turnouts to retain their high number of representatives and electors. States like Wyoming or Rhode Island could see a quick rise in their representation with high voter turnouts.

Not only would this create more advocacy for voting, it would reward the states where the voters actually seem to care. "What's that? You don't like our policies. What are you going to do, vote us out?" to which the public responds "YES!!" and is rewarded for the next election by choosing even more better (read more better; not more-better) representatives.

But who am I kidding. There is no way this could pass as a constitutional amendment. To many Capitol Hill fatcats would lose their cushy lifestyles. We could always try to propose nation-wide conventions for ratifying such an amendment. But when people don't even come out to vote for president why the hell would they come out to vote about how to vote for president.

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