Thursday, March 12, 2009

The "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" Government

Remember growing up, when your parents would tell you not to curse, and then you would catch them utter a curse word under their breath when they accidentally backed the car into something? Or remember when they said to save your allowance, instead of spending it, but would then go out and buy things themselves?

Apparently the United States government is taking the new role of parent that it has granted itself to the next level; the "do as I say, not as I do" level. While telling all Americans to pay their own taxes, and backing banks that are coming to collect on credit card debt, Congress and Obama are considering a 2010 budget of $3,600,000,000,000 (three trillion, six-hundred billion dollars). A decent-sized portion, I want to say about 9% of the budget, is simply the interest we are paying on our past debt. In addition, the budget allows for the roughly 40% that the failed systems of welfare and social security require.

So why is every American told to be fiscally responsible, to pay off their credit cards and multiple mortgages, while still paying taxes, when the federal government has been on a spending spree since before Obama took office?

"Oh, well... you see, President Obama inherited this situation. Bush was responsible for the deficit, the Republicans in Bush's first 6 years created the mortgage crisis and major deficit that we are now in. When Bush first took office, there was actually a surplus." These are the typical responses from either the politicians in office or their lapdogs who are easily cajoled.

I'm sorry. Wasn't it a Democratic Congress from 2007 until now? Wasn't it the same Democratic Congress that said they were going to cutback on the earmarks and be fiscally responsible?

"Uh... errr... well we are just doing what the Republicans did from 2000 to 2006, and we haven't even spent as much as they have [yet]." Ouch. You got me there. Maybe I will just wait another four months for when you are attempting to push a third stimulus bill through Congress. Then you can tell me you haven't spent as much as Bush and the Republicans.

Listen up people! It's not about your state, or your district. These politicians just keep feeding the same lies around election time because they don't care about the district they come from, or the state they represent. They only care about two things: winning re-election, and furthering their career. They will make a show out of some local event they attend, or point out that they voted against an unpopular bill once in order to earn favor with the constituents.

But it's all a dog and pony show. The true statesman who cares about the state of union is rare indeed. And our current group of politicians' greatest threat is the education of the masses. They talk about education being an important agenda, and push forth "No Child Left Behind" and equally pointless acts, but that's only because the education they preach is also the kind that they teach.

Educate yourselves, America. Read books, literature, historical accounts, the news. Investigate stories you have heard; for every crackpot website on the internet there is another one that will have a grain of truth. Take everything you read, hear, or see with a grain of salt, even what I'm telling you now.

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