Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Future of America With President Obama

My family is made up of strong Christian elements, and therefore we believe that the Lord will provide for us even in times of need. So it is not for ourselves that we are concerned most of the time, but for the nation we live within. Our concern is that America will lose sight of the morals and standards it was founded on, especially with the growing tide of globalization.

As it has already been mentioned in this discussion, President Barack Obama was inaugurated today. He has not even been in office for a whole day, so it is difficult to say what sort of policies he will focus on, especially in the foreign realm. During his inaugural speech, he said it is time for America to become the leader it was (NY Times, 1/20/09). What exactly this means is still unclear, but it is obvious at least from his cabinet appointments that he wishes to break away from some of the foreign policies of President Bush and present a more unified front to the world. I fear that Obama might become more of an appeaser to foreign powers in an attempt to stray far from the cowboy diplomacy of George Bush.

Many of Obama’s foreign policy platforms during his campaign were related to restarting American diplomacy, being willing to talk with political leaders from any nation ( This is a very noble goal, as long as the other party is as willing to negotiate as America. As long as Obama doesn’t stray from the ideals on which this country was founded--liberty, justice, The American Way--I believe our country will be able to survive.

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