Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rule of Cheese

The ignorance surrounding this rule astounds me. It should be as widely known as Einstein's theory of relativity or Newton's three laws. The good news, however, is that 50% of the people who had no prior knowledge of the Rule of Cheese accept it.

The Rule of Cheese is very simple. For every handful of cheese--typically shredded is used, but sliced has been known to be included--that goes into the preparation of a dish, another handful goes into the preparer's mouth. This seems so obvious that everyone should know and accept this rule.

However, many do not know. When told about it, men are enthusiastic, often wondering why they didn't know about it before. Women are less impressed, and have even told me that it is stupid and excessive. But I stand by the rule of cheese.

Don't think of this as something imposed by society. Think of it more as a universal law. You can't decide when gravity affects you, and you can't decide when the Rule of Cheese should be followed. They are always active.

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