Friday, August 29, 2008

Disney Becomes New Campaign Sponsor for Obama

I tried to avoid watching the Democratic National Convention. There were better things on, for one thing, like an astounding Cubs come-from-behind victory, a Law and Order episode I hadn't seen, and really just about anything else. I am also fed up with all of the hype surrounding the elections.

If the Olympics gave us one thing, it wasn't unifying humanity at the world games. It wasn't a new wave of patriotism and nationalism. It was a glorious 3-week break from campaign coverage.

Maybe you've seen this commercial by John McCain's campaign referring to Obama as "the biggest celebrity in the world" and comparing him to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. That commercial is wrong though. Obama is nothing like Hilton and Spears.

He's really more like Hannah Montana. Disney built up this alterego of Miley Cyrus which has taken off, despite the fact that she cannot sing or act, and has a really weird looking face.

Barack Obama has been built up as the next great leader, bringing forth a new era of "change" and "insert synonym for change". Most of his ideas sound rather socialist, but that's my opinion. The problem I have with Obama is that everyone has become brainwashed by this Disney-esque propaganda.

When a great leader speaks, people listen. When Barack Obama speaks, people scream like raving lunatics. Gee, I wonder where McCain got the "crazy" idea of comparing him to a rock star.

It could be worse; we could all be actual zombies. At least then I wouldn't have to hear election coverage because I'd be too busy eating brains.

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