Saturday, August 30, 2008

College Football has Begun

I love the games. I love the school spirit. I love the cheerleaders. But more than anything, I love being "that guy who yells a lot".

At baseball games, I heckle. At football games, I jeer. At basketball games, I scream for a giveaway T-shirt.

Sometimes what I say is witty and gets a laugh, but it isn't even about that. It's about the sheer intensity that makes people around me say "What the hell is this guy on?"

So bring it on South Carolina State. And don't go crying to your mamas when we wipe the floor with you.

P.S. Look for my arrest footage on Fox 35 news at 10.

EDIT: We won 17-0 and not only did I get told by some cute girls that they love my enthusiasm, but 2 freshmen came over and practically worshipped me for my unbridled passion.

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Beverly said...

When they put on the handcuffs, were you able to keep your hands in front of you, or did they make you put them behind your back?