Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Don't Believe in Santa; Therefore He Doesn't Exist

I read this article about the Freddie and Fannie buyout in hopes of finding out more about it. What's it going to cost? Who's it going to cost? What are Freddie and Fannie?

Unfortunately, the article focuses mainly on how current shareholders will be affected. Nevermind that it is ALL U.S. taxpayers that are now going to be responsible for the bailout. Considering I had never heard of Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae before this huge fiasco earlier this year tells me that I'm either way outside the loop when it comes to our economy, or these companies were traded by elitists who should have to deal with their own messes.

Even though the former is true, I still lean towards the latter. I'm going to ask the same question every blue-collar to middle class American has/is/will be asking: WHY ARE WE RESPONSIBLE FOR OTHER PEOPLE'S MISTAKES?

I've said it before, but maybe it isn't actually true: America is a capitalist country. People use money in their business ventures. Good ideas pay out; bad ideas fail. Nowhere in that formula does it say that bad ideas that fail should then be bailed out by rubes, aka taxpayers.

I really wish the atheistic viewpoint could be applied to the real world, and not just their little fantasy world:
I don't believe Freddie and Fannie are a problem; therefore they aren't.
I don't believe the Iraq War is as bad as people say; therefore it isn't.
I don't believe school will start on Monday; therefore: 3 day weekend!

It sure would be nice to live a life as delusional as an atheist's.

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