Sunday, August 3, 2008

"Let's Get Some Runs!"

Harry Caray made the 7th-inning stretch song "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" famous. Now that he is no longer with us, though, the singing at Chicago Cubs games is often done by celebrity guests.

There have been some awful renditions of the song throughout the years. Notable guest singers who have done a less than stellar job are British rocker Ozzy Osbourne, who was unintelligible; Chicago Bears' great Mike Ditka, who sang through the whole song in about 30 seconds; and more recently, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who never even found the right key.

But what's more hilarious than bombing during the song or waving the microphone towards the field as if to let the crowd sing for you is when the 7th-inning stretcher yells "Let's get some runs!" in a voice that can only be described as similar to Howard Dean wanting to go to South Carolina, New Hampshire, and then all the way to the White House! YEEEEAAAAAGGGHHHH!

Still, it would be nice if there was something that could be said in real life to gloss over a poor performance.

I bomb during a midterm exam; I yell "Let's get an A!" as I leave the classroom.

I spill some barbecue sauce on my date's pants: "Let's get some onion rings!"

If only yelling and firing up one's audience could solve all of life's problems.

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