Monday, August 18, 2008

Mistakes I Made Last Night

So as I said before, there's a girl I'm kind of seeing that works at a restaurant I love. Yesterday, after picking my friend up at the airport, I ask if she wants to eat at Sonny's, since I had to go alone on Friday, and she hasn't been for 3 weeks. I called up another friend of ours who also missed on Friday, and we proceeded to head to the one where this girl works.

At the time, I thought nothing of it, but mistake 1 was not calling ahead and telling her I was coming. Apparently she would have rearranged her schedule to serve us if she knew we were eating during her shift.

Even though me and the friend I picked up at the airport are strictly platonic friends, mistake 2 was made by bringing another girl to Sonny's. It doesn't matter that my other friend was there, making it two guys and one girl; I was already in trouble from mistake 1 for that to make a difference.

We parted ways after eating; Sonny's girl was going out to Friendly Confines with her roommate and I had to get back to my place for my fantasy football draft. Oh yeah, that was mistake 3 by the way.

Still, I managed to convince her and said roommate to come over for a bit, where I subsequently committed mistakes 4-7.

When asked why I didn't go to Friendly Confines for drinks and BINGO, I said I had a fantasy draft to worry about (4).

I said "fantasy drafts have priority because they only happen once per year, whereas I can spend time with you any night" (5).

When roommate asked for a massage following Sonny's girl's massage, I was willing to give one (6).

When the girls were leaving the apartment, I didn't get up and walk them to their car, let alone to the door (7).

It's a good thing women aren't complicated, or else I would be in trouble.

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The Logisitician said...

I long ago figured out that all that you can do is to be yourself; otherwise, you'll be dancing regularly. Hopefully the honesty will outweigh the mistakes. Learn the phrase, "It was not my intention to hurt you," and move on.