Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thoughts I Had at Work Today

Today at work I was on the verge of passing out for the last hour and a half or so, due to malnourishment (by American standards), extreme heat (I live in Florida), or dehydration (although I drank 2 waters and a Gatorade, aka Haterade cause it didn't do me much good). So as I trudged through the rest of the day, I had some pretty amusing thoughts.

Why is this vending machine so gay? I mean its clearly not straight, just look at that piece over there. It's completely bent. All I want it to do is give me an item when I put my money in it. Stop toying with me!!!

Ahhhhh!!! A wasp!!!

I don't understand why the dumpster is so far away from our warehouse. They need to put the dumpster right next to the garage door, but make one that doesn't smell.

The world must not have been paying attention when the 80's rock scene was in full effect. I mean come on! Warrant, Van Halen, and Scorpions all played in a row on this station?! Why don't they just give me drug overdose every one of those songs is about?

Where the hell do these ants come from?!? No, they're in the brownies! many...brownies as...possible... Ahhhhh!!! A wasp!!!

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