Friday, August 8, 2008

But I... And You... What??.. Arrrgggghhh!!!

I realize traffic cops are "just doing their job" as many people would put it, but every other job on the face of the planet requires some sort of empathy with, if not respect for, "the customer".

When I worked at a grocery store, I had to keep from laughing in the face of old ladies every time they asked me where the NAPOLEON ice cream was. You know, NAPOLEON ice cream; the one with strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. But I respectfully led them to the ice cream section and showed them the Neopolitan ice cream, pronouncing it correctly without waving my high school diploma in their noses.

However, traffic cops ticket-givers in general seem to be the only regular job (I exclude politicians because they are known to be without morals) where they don't care about your life in the least. You could have parked your car half on the sidewalk because you had to run in to your apartment to save your triplets (more kids is always better in a scenario... ask Nancy Grace) from a combined ninja and KGB attack, only to come back down and see the metermaid finish typing your license plate into that stupid little computer they carry on their hip.

"But I just saved my three children from ninjas and Russian spies!"

"Oh really? In that case let me just rip up this tick... oh, I already hit enter. If you could just sign here and initial down here. You have until October 9th to appeal. Thank you, have a nice day."

The only thing that could make this situation better is if you revive the ninjas and point out the parking enforcement officer impounding their rickshaws.

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