Friday, September 19, 2008

Day at the Office

God forbid the free donut someone enjoys on a Friday morning not be there because someone else got to the box first. It has been said multiple times today that so-and-so is going to be very upset if there are no more jelly-filled since I grabbed one up just after I arrived. But c'est la vie in the Dean's Office where I work as a lowly student assistant.

When I'm not trying to claw my eyes out as a subtle hint to the secretary that I don't want to have a conversation with her, I have to deal with all the drama that comes from half a dozen women working in close quarters with eachother. This doesn't even include all of the people who work on our floor and frequently shuffle in and out of the dean's suite.

There's not much that can make this existence better, other than the realization that it is not permanent. It's possible that I'm the one who is at fault. But there's a huge difference between wanting to talk and wanting to talk about nothing. Unfortunately it's the world we live in, and you gotta play the game. Otherwise you're always going to get picked last.

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