Monday, October 20, 2008

Bring on the Hate Mail

Once again, political correctness has gone too far, this time delaying the release of the much anticipated PlayStation3 game "Little Big Planet". It seems a background track in the game contained a few lines from the Quran.

Because this game is made by a company, Media Molecule, based in the UK, it is understandable that they wouldn't want to offend any potential buyers. But the phrase "politically correct" and what it stands for will be the downfall of earth societies.

Perhaps its original intentions were good: encourage tolerance of other people and cultures by not referring to them in a demeaning way, or using something from their culture out of context. That practice has long since become ridiculous, where a bad joke becomes the ridicule of the nation's media, or a humorous cartoon insults an entire religion.

And things of a humorous intent are not the only items to become shunned because they are not "PC". Presidential candidates can not say what they mean in the off-chance one voter will be offended, which really just leaves the rest of the nation even more uncertain about where a candidate stands. People become offended because someone referred to them by a name no longer in use, despite the fact that it is still in use.

Until I receive the memo (and I wanted it to be sent on company paper so I know it's legitimate; I must have a hard copy) people of a smaller stature will still be midgets, and I will still be freaked out by them. People of a darker skin color will still be black, because the ones I come into contact with are rarely from Africa. And politicians will all still be dumbasses, because they won't just say what they mean and they won't do anything to fix our country's problems.


Christine said...

No hate mail from me. :)

Go see my politically incorrect post for the day. Those who are pc are really going to be unhappy about it.

The cup is half full of something I don't like said...

It seems like a paradox to call it politically incorrect when so many of our politicians are really despicable people.