Friday, October 17, 2008

I'd Love to Help

I hate that point when compassion becomes sacrifice. Usually because it means I'm the one that is going to have to sacrifice something, such as my time, my money, or a virgin.

But what I mean is the tipping point after someone takes notice of another person's troubles. They offer words of condolence such as "is everything alright?" or "are you going to be okay?" That's all well and good.

Unfortunately they inevitably follow it up with those 3 words that just mean more work for me: "Can I help?" That very short expression really means "Can Aaron help? because I'll make him help."

I don't have anything against helping. I usually offer myself to anyone in need, and often times even to someone not in need, if she's cute enough. What I don't like is when someone else volunteers my services without running it by me. Who broke their arms and legs that they can't go help carry in the groceries? Oh I'm sorry, you're older; so apparently you've earned the right to be a jackass.

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