Thursday, October 2, 2008


In order to walk at my commencement ceremony, I must purchase a cap and gown. If I don't purchase a cap and gown, I can't walk. It seems like a pretty open-and-close case; but I don't want to purchase said cap and gown.

I'm sick of giving this school money for seemingly unnecessary purchases. I've had to bought many textbooks and "supplemental learning materials" which I was not able to sell back at the end of the semester. Why does this cap-and-gown tradition continue?

Require us to dress nicely. That's fine. Or if you are sold on the whole cap-and-gown look, let us wear those piece of crap high school ones we were forced to buy four years earlier. But don't make me shell out whatever the hell you're asking for something I wear once. It doesn't matter that I get a deposit back. It's the principle (and money) of the thing.

Maybe I can pull a Patch Adams and be naked underneath. If anything, cap and gowns should be banned from graduations. It's only more likely that a terrorist or sociopath could sneak in a weapon underneath a large flowing gown.

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Christine said...

I was going to say, I didn't bother to walk in mine. Then I remembered that I did walk in the ceremony, but don't remember if we had gowns or not. I think not. Either way, eleven years after graduation, you might not remember.