Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Nanny: Face of American Diplomacy?!

Fran Drescher was named by the Deputy Secretary of State Goli Ameri as a U.S. Diplomatic Envoy on Women's Health. See the video here.

Apparently being a diplomatic envoy doesn't take a lot. A C-list actress with a sob story and admirable cause can even get the title. Before Drescher the baseball great Cal Ripken, whose claim to fame includes the longest playing streak, and ice dancer Michelle Kwan, who is still famous despite never getting Jeff Gillooly'd, both had the title as well.

President Elect Obama's administration, which has even more ties with Hollywood, will hand out the falling positions as well:

Steve Urkel - Deputy Secretary of State
John Rambo - Secretary of Department of Veteran Affairs
Travis Bickle - Secretary of Department of Transportation
John McClane - Secretary of Department of Homeland Security
Paige Davis - Secretary of Department of Interior

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Robot Nine said...

Hey there, I left a couple of links in the comments at Laid Back Think Tank with articles detailing Coulter's thoughs on evolution. Thanks for the comments, Alan.