Monday, December 8, 2008

Christian Radio: The FM Hypocrite

My last post regarding Orlando's local Christian radio station, Z88.3 has incited some reactions from the masses. It's only fair that I do a follow-up post to complete my thoughts on the topic.

So to elaborate, my last post mentioned how Z88.3's playlist was glorified by the station as being "Safe for the little ears" which I believe eventually leads to complacency in one's faith. To refute some of the arguments laid out in the comments section of my last post, I am not saying other Orlando stations are more varied in their music. All radio stations seem to be increasingly guilty of saturating their airwaves with the same hour and a half cycle of tunes. But a Christian radio station should be more concerned with the Great Commission than with Arbitron ratings.

Another beef I have with this station actually seems to contradict what I said yesterday. At least it would if Z88.3 wasn't guilty of publicizing plagiarism. Perhaps an example is in order: This song, entitled "Heaven" by Los Lonely Boys, was released by the secular band in 2004 to a flurry of popular acclaim. Instead of playing this uplifting song that has been out for 4 years, Z88.3 has recently begun playing a version sounding exactly the same recorded by a Christian band named Salvador.

Before the flame war starts, let me state that I understand what a cover song is; I know what a cover band does. But generally a band covers a popular song in addition to playing their original songs to generate a fan base. A band like Salvador, who has been around since 2000, should have no need to establish a fan base. And it really just comes down to Z88.3 being hypocritical by not playing a song that is EXACTLY THE SAME just because it isn't sung by a Christian artist originally.

For a station that plays songs proclaiming the power of God, why is Z88.3 afraid to play more songs with an uplifting message (albeit sung by a secular artist) and let God's power work through that song?


Anonymous said...

Christian radio quit play the LLB version because of the bands little run in with police. misdemeanor possession. That does not change the meaning of the song. Aren't followers of Christ suppose to be full of compassion. the song still means what it means. It was written on night after the death of a newborn baby in the Garza Family. thanks

Anonymous said...

"Christian radio station should be more concerned with the Great Commission than with Arbitron ratings."

what a rediculously uninformed comment. Arbitron is the service by which radio finds out how many listeners they have. Z88.3 does not go after "ratings", they reach out to PEOPLE (listeners). And since they have more listeners than virtually all the other radio stations in Central Florida, it happens to makes them a top "rated" station.

As to the Great Commission, the more people you actually reach with your message, the more people you can lead to GOD to be saved.

If any radio station were to play the idiotic fantasy playlist mix if Los Lobos, Creed and other pretend Christians, NO ONE WOULD LISTEN! I am not sure how effective sharing a Gospel message can be when it would be in an empty church, which is what you would end up with.

Anonymous said...

Who is not a pretend christian? Lots of folks go to church every week and say they are a christian. Listen to the "Z" station. But who really knows how all those people act away from church. How many try and hide a drinking problem? How many smoke cigs or participate in other legal activities that might be looked down on by the church? Does that really stop someone from truly believing in God? There should be more practice of Grace than there is finger pointing and accusations of "pretend Christians". Unless you happen to be Jesus Christ himself.

"You hypocrite! First remove the beam from your own eye, and then you will see clearly enough to remove the splinter from your brother's eye." Matthew 7:5

A Wanderer's Heart said...

dang, Aaron, apparently you've hit a nerve in the anonymous sector of the blogosphere. I think this might possibly be the first series of true "angry responses" that you've garnered in the short history of your blog.

is there really so much anger over something like this?

if only that could be redirected toward real issues of injustice, poverty, and hunger.

The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him. But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken. For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.

Robot Nine said...

Better to realize it is all an illusion, a fantasy, and live life to the fullest, be good for the sake of being good, not a phantom reward, and stop trusting invisible beings speaking their word through twisted means and unreliable spokesmen. And jeez, sorry if it offends you but the only thing less tolerable than top 40 pop or rap would be Christian music. Alan (But I do appreciate the comments on LaidBackThinkTank)

Hottie said...

Well I disagree with Robot Nine... But you are an athiest and I am not. So that understandable.

But there is no illusion, there is hope, and there is a reward that partly comes from living life to the fullest by living a life after Christ. There is no phantom reward in Christianity, there is an actual reward and living life good for the sake of being good is actually more a life living for a phantom reward than the faith-abiding alternative.

All the good you build up on earth is evenutally going to burn. I would know. You can't take these things, these experiences or possessions with you wherever you may think you're going to go after death. So there is no hope in anything this world could provide if you don't believe in an afterlife. And the only afterlife worth hoping for is one with Christ.

So sorry Robot Nine, but you are definitely not correct on this particular topic. Some things are fully and wholly real despite some people having never experienced them. Love, beauty, hope are things that are unanimously accepted as real throughout our entire world. But these things could never be proved by science, testimony, or behavioral reaction. But... it's still real, right? You have to experience it to know it's validity.

I'm terribly sorry that you don't know God's existence. He is real, more than real. Words can't explain. But I sincerely pray that you might get to know Him. He's pretty freaking awe-inspiring to say the least.

ash said...

I just saw los lonely boys in austin, tx a few weeks ago and they were awesome. I wouldn't even want to hear someone else cover their song. And as for that run in with the law - I always thought christianity was about forgiveness and salvation.

jesuslvsu said...

"Christian radio quit play the LLB version because of the bands little run in with police. misdemeanor possession. That does not change the meaning of the song."
Z88.3 uses local singers who might leave the state or even country at times,just bands who have either centered or started in Florida if you didn't know that.LLB is from Texas not exactly local.And besides it is not like Zland (all Z stations) went to Salvador and said something along the lines of "hey see this song,I don't like the band,so you sing it because you guys are serious Christians and they aren't" Now if you got on to Salvador I could see where you are coming from,but you can't really have a good argument blaming it on a station that doesn't write the songs.

Now Robot Nine,
I don't really see your point of view at all.generic brand was merely misunderstood but you need to open your eyes and look at the Bible before you disclaim it all.Jesus Christ fulfills 300 Bible prophecies,most of which are from hundreds,even thousands of years before Christ was born.Most people wouldn't even want fulfill a few of those prophecies,let alone ALL 300 of them.His entire life was talked about before Mary even got pregnant.Generic brand never said Christianity was a fraud,he merely thought that their were a few hypocrites which is true enough,but not in this case.

God Bless! Shalom!

Anonymous said...

As a side note, Salvador is a talented band and they sound better than Los Lonely Boys. Anyhow, the credibility of the artist is a part of his art. If the band putting out a song is traditionally secular, its only natural to prefer the band that is specifically Christian to sing a Christian song.