Monday, January 5, 2009

The Accusatory Ambush

For some reason our society has degenerated into one that feels the best way to resolve a conflict is to ambush our opponent. Our scientists and left-minded thinkers claim we have evolved so greatly from the chimpanzee-like ancestors we came from, and yet we still rely on animal tactics to solve our problems.

Part of the problem is that men and women function on a fundamentally different level. On the whole, women are emotional beings, and men are logical. Before some women throw out some snide comments about how men don't think logically when directions need to be asked, or chores need to be done, or just about anything else we do, I basically mean in an argument men and women act and think this way.

So with that said, women tend to be more guilty (although not entirely) then men of the accusatory ambush. For example, The Jerry Springer gets its ratings from men and women coming on and accusing each other of marital and relational infidelity.

A local radio show where I live has a segment called "The War of the Roses", where the host arranges to send a fake bouquet of roses from the accused party, while the victimized party listens in. Today's episode was actually funny when the call backfired on Sarah because her boyfriend said he was sending the Rachel, who turned out to be his cousin that broke up with her boyfriend on New Year's. Sarah then says she didn't believe him, because she couldn't lose face after she had gone through this entire underhanded tactic.

Is this what our world is coming to? A problem between boyfriend and girlfriend, or husband and wife, one of the most intimate relationships attainable by human beings, has to be settled or brought to light in the public forum? I'm going to go to sleep tonight; wake me up when the world makes sense again.


Christine said...

I'm confused about how the war of the roses scenario works. The person who is supposed to have cheated receives a bouquet and an accusation?

It is amazing how popular it is to broadcast problems to anyone and everyone. I understand commiserating with a friend. Going on a radio show is another thing entirely.

generic Brand said...

Sorry for the confusion. The person accused of cheating is called up by the radio station, who then tells that person that they have won a free bouquet of roses to send to whoever they want. Typically this person then sends it to someone who isn't their significant other, which is when said significant other chimes in and lets loose with the blame.

So in this case Sarah's boyfriend was called and given the bouquet to send out, and sent the message "Rachel, here's to a good start in 2009". Sarah pipes in immediately with "Who the hell is Rachel?" and the guy, amidst being confused, replied that Rachel is his cousin who just broke up with her boyfriend. So either the guy was telling the truth and Sarah is a vindictive bitch, or he is a really good liar and Sarah is a vindictive bitch.