Saturday, August 9, 2008

I Thought It Was a Minimum Speed Limit, Officer

I have never liked the speed limit system. Sure, there are reckless drivers who speed and swerve in and out of the lanes. But cops are never around to pull those people over; or those people are rich and can afford luxuries like a radar detector or nitrous oxide boosters.

But most recipients of a speeding ticket are going 10-15 mph over the speed limit, and are driving anything but reckless.

The real danger on the highways are those that drive significantly under the speed limit. If 90% of cars are driving 5-10 miles over, and one or two cars is driving 10 miles under in the left lane, they are putting every car behind them in danger because it causes a line of cars to use the brakes.

This is all coming out because over the last day I drove from Florida to Virginia. The entire trip through five different states I only drove on FEDERAL INTERSTATES. I enunciate that last part because in Virginia, the speed limit (on the same highway as in North Carolina) dropped down to 65 mph. I was driving 80 mph, but no one was in danger because I was driving in between a pack of cars going the same speed.

Still, only I got pulled over, and received a ticket and not just a warning, probably because I am from out of state and they know I won't fight it. Whatever happened to civility in the work place? It doesn't exist here either.


YogaforCynics said...

And that's not even mentioning the way tickets are used to raise revenues--some towns are completely dependent on pulling over out of state drivers. Virginia's now instituted unbelievable fines (into the thousands, really) simply to keep from raising taxes. No doubt, very few drivers of expensive cars with Virginia license plates are gonna be pulled over....

Anonymous said...

Sorry Aaron. We have very similar driving difficulties.