Monday, September 15, 2008

The Best Information is Disinformation

That wasn't a typo... unless I have really poor typing skills. I mean, "D" and "M" aren't even near each other. But seriously, purposely giving people the wrong info (disinformation) is so much more fun than mistakenly giving it to them (misinformation) or *gasp* actually giving them the right info.

For example, every Friday in my History of Anthropological Thought class--I realize it's a mouthful; just be glad it's not related to your major--we have an open caucus (teacher's word, not mine) to discuss the week's readings. It starts out with us going around the room and each small group reciting a few sentences about their view on a discussion question. Since we are all liberally brainwashed college students, the viewpoints are practically identical. So then the fun part starts.

I begin to play Devil's advocate. Two weeks ago I suggested that biological evolution (in the sense of natural selection) no longer existed in Homo sapiens due to the development of compassion, pity, or whatever you want to call it that allows ugly people to get laid. This did not go over well in a class that exists because of Darwin's ideas and theories.

Last week I stated that history should no longer be taught, as remembering the past is the cause for many conflicts in our world, and we never follow the mantra of "those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it" anyways.

Now I don't necessarily believe either of these things, but that doesn't matter. As long as I state these opinions with 100% confidence, people will a) believe that I believe them; and b) be pissed off enough to debate me on it.

So whenever someone is droning on about a topic they seem to know little about, just say something completely deadpan that contradicts their thinking.

P.S. I tried to keep the specifics of the discussion out, as I wanted to try and ensure at least some readership to this post, and we all know that no one knows what anthropology is.

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Christine said...

I know what anthropology is. It's one of those majors that scared me away with low pay and under appreciation. It's right up there with French Literature and teacher. Really interesting, but I might have starved to death.

But we've already established that I am a geek, which may not be good for you.