Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Mom the P.I.

So I haven't told my parents much about the girl I like, partly because I don't want to jinx anything, partly because it's fun to watch them squirm. But a coworker let slip that there was a girl in the first place, and that she works at my favorite restaurant Sonny's. So my mom had that much to go on.

Today she asks me who so-and-so is, referring to the sister of a friend of mine. We had all gone to the game this last weekend, and my friend's sister had posted pictures online. My mom came across a photo of me from the game via the all-seeing eye of Sauron that is Facebook. And so she asked me who this girl was.

I didn't respond, which for some reason confirmed in my mom's mind that this was the girl. Eventually I convinced her that this was not so; also that she was really creeping me out by investigating so thoroughly.

Now I'm getting ready to leave, and my mom still won't let it go. She says she is going to call my roommate and ask him who the girl is. I respond that she doesn't have his number. She says she get his number from my sister. Then she gets on the computer and goes to the cell phone bills. She begins looking through all of the numbers I've dialed, cross-referencing them with the area codes most commonly associated with my roommate's home state. She states a number. I say it is actually my roommate's dad's number. As I was leaving she had started looking for the number I was calling the most often, assuming that it must belong to the girl.

And after all this trouble she gave me, she still expected me to give her a hug. Mothers! haha


Christine said...

I'm so sorry. My mom was nosy like that when I was in college. Actually, she was nosy like that until she died. But when I was in college she actually had the ability to do something about it.

It feels so invasive.

On the bright side, it's nice that she cares.

The cup is half full of something I don't like said...

mom's will WILL be done!

I'm surprised she didn't print out the photo and start eating at Sonny's breakfast lunch dinner.

You need to plant misinformation. Have your friends' sister upload a series of pictures with your arm around random people, a girl here, a homeless guy there, someone in drag inbetween. Really make her work for it.