Sunday, September 7, 2008

Winning the Vote; Losing the Game

This was awesome:

I'm really proud of the presidential hopeful taking sides here. I was a little pissed off when he says Cubs fans are fairweather fans, and White Sox fans are legit. Especially when we sell out every game, and the White Sox suck.

Anyways, the game atmosphere was awesome. It was the War of the I-4 Corridor. An in-state rivalry game. And hopefully the geographically challenged University of South Florida (located in Tampa?!) Mancows would go home losers.

I can't believe I almost forgot this: On the shuttle ride to the game, a USF fan got on the bus. This would not have been a huge problem; sure we would jeer and give them a hard time, but it would all be in good fun. But this girl gets on decked out in full body paint, with a really gay viking helmet on and a hula skirt as well. That's just disrespectful. If you are gonna come in full outfit, you do not try ride our UCF shuttles. So of course I let her know that. Before I was fully aware that it was a girl, I told my friend to punch him in the stomach. Fortunately someone took the initiative and yanked off her hat and stomped on it, to which I applauded. And then the so-called UCF fan sitting next to me says something like "Is anyone else embarrassed to go to UCF right now? I want to transfer schools so bad." I told her to shut the hell up.

Anyways, on the long walk to the stadium, I was really letting the Mancows fans hear it.

In the stadium I was really happy with the amount of enthusiasm; it seemed like my voice wasn't even needed. Of course my friends said I was always needed with my off-the-wall commentary. Trash talking the USF band at halftime was great too. Unfortunately, the fairweather fans left in their ridiculous fashion. We were only down 24-10 at the beginning of the 4th quarter. I let them hear it too.

With five minutes left in the game we made a spectacular comeback; putting up two touchdowns and blocking their field goal attempt to send it into overtime, where we ultimately got gypped. The refs were so confused they didn't even know which way they were pointing half the time. They were really acting like idiots. So of course I let them hear it.

What upsets me more than this disappointing loss are the people who claim to be fans of their school, and then say they are embarrassed by the actions of their fellow students. How about some freakin' school pride? These people wouldn't no pride if it came up and shanked them in the side prison-style. And of course I let them know that.

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