Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mild Precipitation Causes Six Mile Pile-Up

To begin, I was out of town at my girlfriend's house for Thanksgiving. We went to all the cool places: South Beach, Shorty's BBQ, some other place. That is the reason for much of my absence. Now on to the rant.

For some reason, in this state that I live in (Florida), some sort of wet substance falls from the sky on occasion. It can fall heavily, softly, or sideways. Apparently no one else in the state knows what it is either, because when driving their reaction is to simply slam on the brakes and gaze at the sky in wonder and amazement.

"Has the Universe inverted itself and the oceans are on top of the sky now?!"
"Is God finally shedding tears on the failings of humanity?"

No one seems to know how to react to this phenomenon. My first idea is to proceed as normal. Even if something is different, procedures shouldn't alter until you know the current course of action will not work.

When you see a wall of--what do they call it, rain?--when you see a wall of rain ahead of your vehicle and are unsure you can drive safely at or near the speed limit, THEN PULL THE #$*@ OVER AND MOVE OUT OF MY WAY!!!!

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Douglas said...

You think it's bad in Florida (which, by the way, it is)? You ought to try anywhere in southern California. They actually do not get much rain so when it happens, they slow down from 20MPH above the speed limit to 10MPH above (staying always within spitting distance of the car ahead of them). And then they bounce off the cars as they slide all over the freeway trying to stop for the inevitable traffic snarl ahead.