Friday, December 5, 2008

Christian Radio: The First Harbinger of Doom

There is a local radio station where I live, Z88.3, that plays "Christian" music twenty-four/seven. I use quotations because it needs to be emphasized that this music is not all-inclusive; they are only the feel-good songs of Christianity where God is mentioned every other line.

The motto for this station isn't even something like "Z88: Praising God on your way to work" or "Z88: Showing the meaning in a meaningless world", but actually "Z88: Safe for the little ears."

Is that what's become of mainstream Christianity??? It's safe for children?! That is not a faith I would want to raise my kids in. Safety begets comfort which leads to stagnation. I want a faith that challenges me, that lets me think and question my existence and the world around me; not some white-washed fabrication that is deemed safe for children's ears and minds.

The other problem I have with this station is that they claim to play "positive hits". Now your guess is as good as mine as to what the hell they are talking about when they say positive hits. To me, positive hits means any song that makes a person feel good. Makes sense, right? Good luck trying to hear uplifting songs like "Arms Wide Open" or "Higher" by Creed, or even songs by other Christian artists like Flyleaf because they don't expressly mention God in their works.

Z88.3 and stations like it alienate a lot of Christians who have varying music tastes. The greatest thing about music is that it is open to the listener's interpretation--a fact that this station ignores--so even a song that doesn't mention God outright can still relay a deeply spiritual meaning. Until Z88.3 changes their programming to include a larger variety of songs (or an entirely different line-up during the midnight to 4am block when the "little ears" should be in bed anyways) I am boycotting this station and writing emails, and I encourage everyone who reads this to do the same.


Douglas said...

I keep searching for the "Satanic Music All Day Long" station but, outside of a short period of time in the San Francisco area back in the late 60s, I can't find that station.

A Wanderer's Heart said...

hear, hear... or is it here, here?

Anonymous said...

What rock have you been living under?

Go out and buy an HD Radio. Tune it to "88.3 HD-3" and you got all the Flyleaf and POD you can stand 24/7. If you are too cheap to buy a radio, go to and stream it to your heart's desire. There is also a link on the home page.


Anonymous said...

Z88.3 is not only one of the most successful radio stations in Central Florida (check the ratings sometime), but they are one of the top 5 Christian radio stations in the entire country, having won virtually every single award given to Christian radio stations and having more listeners.

AND on top of that, they provide a 24 hour ROCK station ( as well as a 24 hour Hip-Hop/R&B station (

I think you might be the one in the minority if you don't listen. Most of Central Florida is.

Hottie said...

I agree with you Aaron. Anonymous above me must be a sugar coated stay at home mom.

I can't stand that station. It's too complacent and bubbly.

I seriously doubt Jesus or any of his disciples talked in a sing-song voice and contstantly cooed at how wonderful their 3 year olds are. booo that station.

I love Jesus, but not Z88.3. They cater to one audience and one audience only... parents of little kids.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... They are crazy to reach out to women. Crazy like a FOX!

Dude, they are #1 in the market! Most religious stations are like number 50 or worse.

Anonymous said...

From their website:

Anonymous said...

If you don't have something better to do than trash a radio station that is trying to do good in the Orlando Market than you really need to get a life my friend. They must be doing something right, they are pratically the number one radio station in the market while the other stations are going down the tubes. You my friend are in the minority. Looks to me like the majority of Orlando likes what this station is doing, the numbers never lie.

Robot Nine said...

Whaaaat? Whay are the reponses all so anonymous. Jeez, I am an atheist and at least have the inner strength to comment publicly. Of course he was not under a rock, and he is aware of satellite radio and such, but why should he not speak an opinion on a radio stations format. Guess it's sinful, lol. DOuglas, that satanic station now goes by the name of RAP, lol. Well, off to listen to Rice University where they play experimental vacuum cleaners and water dripping and bizarre things, but at least it isn't Mariah Carey! Alan

Hottie said...

booo anonymous postings. You guys are cowards.

And I don't care what the numbers say, I don't like the station and that's my personal opinion. Christianity IS NOT supposed to be safe. I want realness, not sugar coated comfy.

And most of central florida might listen to Z88.3, but how much do you think Orlando is really changing due to 'happy songs'? Very little. Churches are still empty, college students are still numb to the gospel, and kids are still doing drugs. We don't need happy-go-lucky songs and the family name game... we need conviction and a strong dose of Grace as a chaser.